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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WARNING! IT's Coming!

A Blessing or a Curse?

Usually on this Blog I am upbeat and try to be lighthearted (not light-headed!).
But this topic is of a serious nature: "Cloud Computing". I am not a Prophet but I do forsee this being a new "bump in the legal road" that PI's, Attorneys, Law Enforcement and Corporate Security will have to deal with. It will be another "land to conquer" for legal professionals. Like we don't have enough troubles with over 1600 models of cell phones out there??

Here is an article for your consideration on this new technology: click HERE. Pay special attention to the Comment made after the article by Bigsey.

There is also a new Phone I want you to be aware of that will utilize a form of "Cloud Computing" upon it's introduction into the market place: the new Palm Pre.

There's one thing about my Cellular Forensics World: it's never stagnant! Like the weather, it changes all the time. Now I got to start watching the Clouds!

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