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Sunday, March 15, 2009


A friend of mine suggested that I come up with a "Tom's Tips" sort of newsletter for all my friends after I was sending periodic emails with tips on cell phone stuff. So today, while sitting at home nursing an ailing knee (hey, I'm nearly 50!), I thought, "Why Not!" and commenced to get this puppy on line.

So welcome! I want to use this blog as a way to communicate to you what I am finding in the cell phone community. Back in 2007 I was smitten by the cell phone forensics bug (that's where we go into a phone and find all the "goodies" in the phone for court). I have been addicted since. I am totally passionate when it comes to this technology.

And guess what? "YOU ARE WHAT YOU TYPE!" Want to know the character of a person, just look in their cell phone (that is...if they'll let you!).

Face it, computers and cell phones will soon be one unit so why not know how to use these "modern miniature marvels"? What I hope to communicate to you are the little Knowledge Knuggets I am finding in this ever changing and marvelous technology that you carry on your hip.

I am also going to try to keep you abreast of where the mobile technology industry is going as well as what you should look out for so your phone is more secure and safe. Let's remember, there are more cell phone users than computer users in this world. And, to many, their mobile phones are more important to them than their heart medication! What secrets are you carrying around on your phone? What would your reaction be if you lost your phone? See what I mean? For the majority of you, your cell phone is your life.

So here we go. I want to share with you what I have learned and ever learning.

And hey, if you got a cell phone question, email me with it and let's see if we can get you an answer. Just hit me at

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