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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It Rings, It Texts, It SHAVES!

Yes my friends, it does shave. Welcome the new RAZOR (not RAZR) phone! Remember, you saw it here!

Monday, March 30, 2009

"Honey, Where's My Thumbdrive?!"

Those of us in "Mobile Security" have enough to contend with just with the phones alone. It has been reported that every 3 days a new cell phone model emerges. Add that to the already 1600 models swimming around out there and you can see why my head feels like I'm on a perpetual roller coaster!

Now, lets add to this heap: "Thumb Drives" that are lost by employees due to carelessness. Check out this article. This could be a company's worst nightmare. While we are busy trying to secure the laptops and phones, have we done enough to secure these tiny usb drives that contain an organization's secrets?

"Do you know where your Thumb Drive is?" Excuse me while I search for mine!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WARNING! IT's Coming!

A Blessing or a Curse?

Usually on this Blog I am upbeat and try to be lighthearted (not light-headed!).
But this topic is of a serious nature: "Cloud Computing". I am not a Prophet but I do forsee this being a new "bump in the legal road" that PI's, Attorneys, Law Enforcement and Corporate Security will have to deal with. It will be another "land to conquer" for legal professionals. Like we don't have enough troubles with over 1600 models of cell phones out there??

Here is an article for your consideration on this new technology: click HERE. Pay special attention to the Comment made after the article by Bigsey.

There is also a new Phone I want you to be aware of that will utilize a form of "Cloud Computing" upon it's introduction into the market place: the new Palm Pre.

There's one thing about my Cellular Forensics World: it's never stagnant! Like the weather, it changes all the time. Now I got to start watching the Clouds!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Got Verizon? You better read THIS!

If you have Verizon Wireless, you need to read about this:

Do you want them selling info about you that they got from your phone?

What Does a SIM Card Hold?

As a Cellular Forensics Examiner, I have examined a lot of SIM Cards. Briefly I want to give you some basic information on a SIM Card to help you:

1. A SIM Card is used on GSM networks (like T-Mobile and AT&T here in the USA. Verizon will use one for their "World Phone" since that phone is made for going into other portions of the world where the GSM network is used). So why is that helpful? Well, a SIM Card holds information as you will see in Tip #2. As a P.I., Police Officer or an Attorney presented with a suspect phone, if you know what network the phone uses, right off the bat you will know what types of memory are on the phone and where the information can be stored.

2. A SIM Card holds valuable information about the subscriber besides his/her phone number, ie:
  • Text Messages
  • Phone Contacts
  • Last number called with time/date
  • And More!
NOTE: A SIM Card does NOT hold Pics or Video-PERIOD

3. A SIM Card should be handled carefully. A simple carpet spark can ERASE all the data.

4. SIM Cards have different memory values. As technology increases, so does the memory space in a card. At one time I heard of a German company that was working on a SIM Card that could carry 16 different phone lines on it. Imagine...16 lines??!!!

5. Some phones (available overseas) can have more than one SIM Card in them. Right now I know of a company that sells them for about $100 bucks. This enables the user to have two separate phone numbers on their phone.

These are just a few tips to better help you in an investigation. If I can be of further assistance, just holler at me at:


Cell Phone Exam Request!

Got a request to do a cell phone examination today. Problem is...we're having a hard time finding the power button!

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Addicting!

Sorry, but after finding this and playing it, I just could not help but post it! At least I brought some diversion to your boring cubicle...lighten up!
Elf Smack

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Blackberry App Store!

What do they say about "Copying is Flattery"?
The New BlackBerry App World
Be still my credit card!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Great Search Engine!

Okay Boys and Girls, here's a new search engine I just found.

Looking for documents on a particular subject...try 'DocJax"!
Try'll like it. And hey, leave some feedback if you like it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

VoiceMail Trick

Ever wanted to just leave a message on someones voicemail without having to talk to them? Like your ex or your boss? Well this program claims that it will take you to that phone's voicemail without ringing the here.

How to Save a Wet Phone!

Click HERE

Monday, March 16, 2009

Send Email as SMS!

If you're a PI or Police Officer, and ever get a 'harassment' case dealing with a cell phone, remember this....anyone can use a computer to send an SMS text message! Yes, you heard me right. Here's the WEBSITE.

Make sure to double check the text message address before jumping to any conclusions! If someone is bent on 'setting up' another party, they could use a tool like this to their benefit. And you know how nasty some domestic cases can get!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Told You!

Last year, I told my clients that a cellphone with a projector was coming out!
See...I told you!
Look at this:
Cell Phone with Projector

What is "Cellular Forensics" Anyway?

What is "Cellular Forensics" anyway? Forensics means "pertaining to and presenting the findings in Court". Cellular? To me, that deals with mobile phones and their technology . Now I don't know if I picked this phrase up from someone else or if I made it up, but somehow I found this term "Cellular Forensics" and adopted it as my way of describing what some call "Mobile Forensics". So, when I say 'Cellular Forensics', I am describing "the utilization of technology (software, hardware, techniques) that enables an examiner to secure, acquire, document and present the data found in a mobile phone in a court of law." Sounds like a mouthful, huh?

So what good is Cellular Forensics? As we said before, "You are what you click" and a cell phone tells a bunch about a person. Contacts, Call History, SMS Text Messages and Pictures are just a few of the tell-all items in your phone. Imagine an employee sharing company secrets with the competition or a married man texting his lover...their phone information could be very damaging and valuable.

So is this like CSI on tv? There is no one piece of hardware or software that can acquire the over 1500 models of cell phones out there. Cellular Forensics is like archeology: you dig and dig using whatever proven tools you can find. Sometimes you can crack the nut, other times you come away exhausted with little to show for your efforts after hours and hours of trying everything but standing on your head. It's just par for the course in this new frontier. As my mentor Rick Mislan from Purdue University says, "Cellular Forensics is today what Computer Forensics was 15 years ago." In other words, it's a brand new field and each day is a new discovery! For someone with ADD, Cellular Forensics is a God-send! LOL!

As I often say, "The Future Is Now"!

Welcome to my world!


A friend of mine suggested that I come up with a "Tom's Tips" sort of newsletter for all my friends after I was sending periodic emails with tips on cell phone stuff. So today, while sitting at home nursing an ailing knee (hey, I'm nearly 50!), I thought, "Why Not!" and commenced to get this puppy on line.

So welcome! I want to use this blog as a way to communicate to you what I am finding in the cell phone community. Back in 2007 I was smitten by the cell phone forensics bug (that's where we go into a phone and find all the "goodies" in the phone for court). I have been addicted since. I am totally passionate when it comes to this technology.

And guess what? "YOU ARE WHAT YOU TYPE!" Want to know the character of a person, just look in their cell phone (that is...if they'll let you!).

Face it, computers and cell phones will soon be one unit so why not know how to use these "modern miniature marvels"? What I hope to communicate to you are the little Knowledge Knuggets I am finding in this ever changing and marvelous technology that you carry on your hip.

I am also going to try to keep you abreast of where the mobile technology industry is going as well as what you should look out for so your phone is more secure and safe. Let's remember, there are more cell phone users than computer users in this world. And, to many, their mobile phones are more important to them than their heart medication! What secrets are you carrying around on your phone? What would your reaction be if you lost your phone? See what I mean? For the majority of you, your cell phone is your life.

So here we go. I want to share with you what I have learned and ever learning.

And hey, if you got a cell phone question, email me with it and let's see if we can get you an answer. Just hit me at